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HOW-TO: Ice Queen

Jamie Newman | August 26, 2015 | 10:42 AM
Gosser had previously dyed her client's hair in a blonde balayage, shown here.
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This is what the client's hair looked like when she came in for the silver dye job.
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Side-by-side of before and after
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Ice queen-esque silvery blue
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For a color that is reminicent of Candyland's Princess Frostine a la 2015, look no further. 


Kelsey Gosser (@kelseygosser), of Allure Studio in Sandusky, Ohio, had prelightened her client's hair 12 weeks before, using Larisa Love's "balayage at the bowl" technique with Free lights, 40 vol and Olaplex. The silvery blue color was placed over regrowth.

STEP 1: "For the base color I used Matrix "silver fox" formula which was 1/2 OZ Color Sync 10 P, 1 1/4 Color Sync 8V plus a 1-inch ribbon of Soboost Blue and 1 3/4 10 vol Matrix Developer."
STEP 2: After applying the base color, Gosser started by taking 1 inch partings in the front and alternating these two formulas: 
Formula one : equal parts Joico Titanium and Pravana silver , add 4 drops Soboost blue
Formula two: Wells Instamstics Muted Mauve 1 ounce and a drop of Joico Indigo and drop of Soboost Blue, Instamatics 6vol
STEP 3: "I color melted the two formulas into the base alternating the two with each section. Towards the top and back section, I used more of the Joico and Pravana formula. I processed in open air for 30 mins."
STEP 4: Rinse and shampoo with Pravana Vivids shampoo
STEP 5: Styled with Pravana Locked-in Spray, then used Sexy Healthy Hair detangling spray. Blowdried then styled with Big Sexy Heat Protectant. Alternated curls with a Hot Tools 1 1/4 curling iron and a Paul Mitchell wand, teased the top and brushed the curls out finished with Redken Texture Sea Salt Spray



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