TRANSFORMATION: Tasteful and Gorgeous Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | September 8, 2015 | 5:36 AM

Ben Hoagland (@benhoagland),  a senior designer at Platinum Salon (@platinumsalontampa) in Tampa, Florida,  has a passion for visual arts which led to his journey into becoming a hairdresser. "In the salon, the majority of my guests give me all of their trust," he says, "and tell me to do something that best suits their lifestyle."

This is exactly what happened with guest Chelsey, to a point. "She wanted something new and fresh, but also something low maintenance that could fit into her busy lifestyle. However, going dark was not an option." Hoagland opted for a beautifully lived in blonde. Here he shares the HOW TO using all Paul Mitchell color:

Formula A: Paul Mitchell SynchroLift and 30 volume cream developer
Formula B: Paul Mitchell SynchroLift and 10 volume cream developer
Formula C: Paul Mitchell PMshines equal parts 9A and 9V

Step 1: Create a horse shoe section from above the parietal ridge to the mid crown. Starting with balayage at the nape of the hairline, blend up in horizontal  1 1/2 inch sections. Start with Formula A and blend into Formula B (where she had been previously lightened.)

Step 2: Working from back to front in the horseshoe section, continue to balayage in horizontal 1 inch sections alternating Formulas A and B.

Step 3: Process to the desired lightness and then cleanse with Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde. Apply Formula C on towel dried hair and process for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Cleanse and condition with Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner.


-It's important to use balayage film to prevent spottiness and to help with incubation.
-The consistency of the lightener should be similar to toothpaste so that it lives on the surface of the hair and does not bleed.


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