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Holiday: Silver Belles, Golden Curls

Lauren Salapatek | September 16, 2015 | 8:10 AM
Filtered Fringe by Scruples
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Silver Metallic by Kenra Professional
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Rejuvenated Blonde by Goldwell
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Haircolor Headmap. Rejuvenated Blonde by Goldwell
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Handmade 2.0 by Framesi. From the Italian Style Framesi Fall Winter 2015-2016 Collection, created with Framcolor Eclectic shades. Hair by Boyd Parris.
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Handmade 2.0 by Framesi. From the Italian Style Framesi Fall Winter 2015-2016 Collection, created with Framcolor Eclectic shades. Hair by Boyd Parris.
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Wildly popular silvers and grays may be even more in demand around the holidays, forecasts Mia Liguori, co-president creative of Scruples. We'll also see other metallic tones—rose golds, even bits of yellow,” Liguori notes. “People go for silvers and golds because the look is elegant.”

Calling “Steel Elegance” this season’s coolest trend, Kenra Senior Artistic Manager Laken Rose says colorists can achieve the looks with the Kenra Color Silver and Violet Metallic collection. Rose recommends designing a sophis-ticated silvery winter look, cooling off blonde locks with a demi-permanent color refresh or adding a violet reflection to pre-lightened hair.

Five new Framcolor Eclectic shades from Framesi “embrace the iridescent effects of gray that is lightly powdered, yet reflective,” says Boyd Parris, the company’s North America creative director. “Powerful blue-gray colors imply quality and luxury that is strong and enduring, with clients rediscovering the pleasure of owning tailor-made things. The Framesi Italian Style Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection promotes volume with lightened ends and color techniques delivering de-tail, tailored accuracy and uniqueness.”

Silvery ice blonde and silvery gray blonde are great options for clients who choose to stay blonde, notes Rocky Vitelli, member of the Farouk Global Artistic Board. “Pastels also appeal to blondes, because they can make that change and easily get back to blonde,” Vitelli says. “Our Electrified Collection is inspired by the fitness-savvy, trend-conscious woman—a silvery blonde, a rich brown with copper highlights and a wine red with gray/green pastel highlights.”

Today’s textured looks engage color in new ways, observes Sandra Humphries, a vice president of education at Goldwell. “We’re seeing crashing, sultry waves accented by beautiful mixed tones of brown and blonde,” Humphries says. “Short hair looks fabu-lous with twisted curls and color that plays off cool and warm tones nestled together in the curls.”

Ring It Up: Hair Integrity

Colorists are saying “yes” to clients more than ever, thanks to the new in-salon Olaplex service they use in conjunction with lightening services and major color changes. The revolutionary formula, compatible with every color line, repairs the bonds that make up hair structure but are necessarily broken by chemical services. As a result, not only does color last longer, but the hair is actually repaired and resists damage.

“Most of our stylists are using Olaplex for every high-lift tint or bleach service,” says Carolyn Rullo, co-owner of Sweet 1017 Hairdressing in Seal Beach, CA. “It really makes a difference. The clients notice it, and they’re willing to pay for an add-on service that makes their hair feel better!”

Rather than an external coating or temporary fix, Olaplex works from the inside and is a permanent repair, according to Slim, the brand’s vice president of education. “On compromised hair, it would take a couple of visits to deep-condition the hair, add protein and cut the hair shorter,” she says. “Now you can do the highlight service right away. You can say, ‘Yes.’”

Ring It Up: Personal Video

“Clients are more likely to invest in high-quality products—and become repeat buyers—when they understand how to use the products and what the products can do,” says Trevor Attenborough, a president and general manager at Goldwell. Attenborough suggests creating a video while the client sits in your chair, showing her exactly how to use the products you recommend. She can refer to it whenever she needs a reminder.

Attenborough also suggests upgrading services to build the ticket.

”Clients often welcome the idea of a little extra treat,” he says. “There’s a lot to gain from a five-minute service!”

Ring It Up: Try Before You Buy

Clients like a little insurance before spending big color dollars. Matrix’s innovative app, the Matrix Color Lounge, lets colorists upload photos of their clients and “try on” different hair color looks during the consultation.

“The Color Lounge helps clients to feel comfortable and trust their colorists,” says Patrick O’Keefe, vice president of Inte-grated Communications. For the beginner, the app provides hair color tips and tricks, including formulas.

In-salon services offer clients a way to try home-care prod-ucts before they purchase them, notes Katie Newgard, marketing specialist at Keracolor. “When you use our keratin-based Clendi-tioner Conditioning Cleanser and Purify Plus Leave-in Treatment before a color service, clients will love the way their hair feels in the salon and want to repeat that feeling at home,” Newgard says. “You’ll also avoid getting that phone call two weeks later: ‘My color is faded already.’ These products retain the hair’s natural oils, keeping the cuticle smooth-er. The technology neutralizes chlorine and trace minerals found in tap water, helping to stretch the color service.”


Filtered Fringe by Scruples:

Formula for natural level 5: Base: High Definition Color Level 3 Wine Auburn 3RV
Dimension 1: High Definition Color Level 5 Wine Auburn 5RV Dimension 2: Blazing Highlights Toner Infused Gel Color Warm Rich Red 6R
Dimension 3: Blazing Highlights Toner Infused Gel Color Warm Copper Blonde 1/4oz 8G +
1/4oz 6R


  1. Mist Scruples Blow Dry Spra onto towel-dried hair.
  2. Apply Scruples Smooth Out Straightening Gel.
  3. Blow-dry using a concentra-tor nozzle and oval brush. Use the flat side of the brush taking small sections at the nape, the curve of the brush at the scalp on the crown and fringe areas and the flat side on the length.
  4. Finish with Scruples Hypershine repair spray and High Definition Hair Spray.


Silver Metallic by Kenra Professional

A.  1 oz No Ammonia Lightener + 1 oz 20 Volume Developer
B.  1 oz Rapid Toner SV + 2oz 9 Volume Activator
C.  Foundation: 7SM/10Volume
D.  Anchor: Seamless diffusion 7SM / 10Volume > 8VM / 10Volume
E.  Accent: 1 4/5oz 7SM / 1/5oz Blue Booster / 2 oz 10Volume

  1. To prep, apply A all over, process to desired level of lift and shampoo. Then apply B all over, process 5 minutes, sham-poo and completely dry.
  2. Create a horizon shape on the crown of the head.
  3. Create a triangle shape on each side of the horizon, and apply C to all hair outside the horizon and triangles.
  4. Apply E to the hair inside the triangles using a diagonal skip slice application. Apply D between foils.
  5. nside the horizon shape, apply D using the seamless diffusion application. Process for 30 minutes.


Rejuvenated Blonde by Goldwell

Formula for regrowth level 7N, mid-lengths and ends 8G, remain-ing highlights 9GB and 30% gray

  1. Section the hair. Apply formula A onto regrowth, starting at the hairline. Apply diagonal slices and weaves of formula B on both sides.
  2. Taking a forward section on each side of the ear, apply alternating formulas B and C in diagonal slices.
  3. On “V” points around the top section, diffuse formula B with freehand technique and isolate in foil.
  4. At the crown, apply alternating formulas B and C in weaves and slices up to the front hairline. Apply A to mid-lengths and ends of the remaining hair.
  5. Process and shampoo. Treat the hair with Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights products.
  6. Towel dry and apply formula D as a toner to the entire hair. Process and rinse.
  7. Finish the color service with a Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Serum. Apply a walnut-sized amount of StyleSign Top Whip onto towel-dried hair. Finish with StyleSign Naturally Full.


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