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Holiday: Ye Merry Gentlemen

Lauren Salapatek | September 16, 2015 | 8:58 AM
White Blending by Schwarzkopf Professional
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Make the Magic by Gibs
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BaByliss For Men’s 10-in-1 Pivotal Grooming System.
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Gibs talks men’s language on the Stocking Stacher box: “This Soap is Dope, and it’s FREE!”
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The Hempz Body Builder Kit addresses hair, body and shave needs with a free body pouf and travel bag.
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Grooming Kits from Paul Mitchell’s Mitch line come in four varieties.
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TIGI offers Clean Up Shampoo and Conditioner, Matte Separation Wax and a free Bed Head for Men Wash Bag.
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Woody’s kits appeal to men’s beard needs and travel habits.
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Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+ brand will launch a men’s Mess-Up Survival Kit in October to coincide with the DVD release date for Terminator Genisys.
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Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+ brand will launch a men’s Mess-Up Survival Kit in October to coincide with the DVD release date for Terminator Genisys.
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Check out the fall runway, and you’ll notice that a heightened male interest in appearance has given the men’s fashion industry new life. This is good news for you!

“Men’s grooming is massive,” observes Schwarzkopf hair artist Amber Dawn. “Men want to look really good, so they’re taking great care of their hair and scalp."

This new sensibility permits you to conduct a full consultation with men just as you do with women. It’s your chance to update guys on facial hair trends and suggest add-on services such as deep- conditioning, scalp care and color accents.

The consultation is important, too, because men no longer all fit into one big group, Dawn notes. From lumbersexuals and urban dapper dudes to professional gents riding out the persistent Mad Men influence, each male client identifies with the image he wants to project.

“You’ll continue to see beards, but the unruly beard will be replaced with the well-groomed beard,” predicts Mia  Liguori, co-president creative of Scruples. “Getting that look requires the expertise of the hair stylist—and product. I’m thrilled, because that promotes the professional industry and retailing. The coiffed beard is perfect at holiday time to give guys a more groomed look.”

Ring It Up: Retail Opportunities:

Men have always been great retail purchasers. They respect the professional recommendation, value the convenience of getting all of their grooming needs taken care of at one stop and are not particularly price-sensitive.

To help you tap into men’s needs, many CosmoProf brands go “hog wild”! Ask your CosmoProf sales consultant to show you special holiday packaging not just from targeted men’s brands like Mitch, Woody’s and Gibs, but from other brands as well that want to wish men a very merry holiday season. Don’t forget blowdryers and clippers! Men are more comfortable basing their tool purchase on your advice than buying from other retailers.


White Blending by Schwarzkopf Professional

Natural Level 5 with 85% white Color Used: 30g Igora Color10 7-12 + 30g Igora Royal Oil  Developer 3% (10 vol)

  1. Beginning at the temple and taking horizontal sections, apply color using light pressure with a feathering technique.
  2. Continue applying color throughout the head, using light pressure and focusing at the regrowth. Once regrowth is applied, use the wide-tooth side of the comb to comb through the rest of the hair for soft color distribution. Or, for a more natu-ral look, use an angled brush and light feathering strokes following the natural hairline.
  3. Process for 5 minutes, rinse with BC Bonacure Shampoo & Conditioner and style with your favorite OSiS+ products.


Make the Magic by Gibs

“The beard is not a trend or a style,” says Gibs CEO Brian “Gib” Long. “It is a culture and a way of life.”

Because this lifestyle is still new, men are open to suggestion in how to best care for that hair growing on their chin. “Proper care of the beard can lead to healthier, more manageable facial hair,” Gib says. “Everyone deserves a little barbershop time at home! Show clients how they can wet a towel with hot water and place the towel over their face and beard for a few minutes to open the pores. Then by applying any of our three Gibs Beard, Hair and Tattoo oils, they’ll treat the beard as they massage their face. The oil will leave their face feeling soft, their beard looking great and their skin smelling fresh!”

  1.  Apply Gibs Black Cognac Balm-Aid to lightly damp or dry hair.
  2.  Finger comb back.
  3. Apply any fragrance of Gibs Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil throughout beard.
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