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How to Keep It Light, Darken the Root and Minimize Regrowth Line

Anne Moratto | September 26, 2015 | 1:55 PM

She's one of our faves to follow for formulas and she is a colorist who keeps upping her game.  Lindsey Benitez shares her process on Instagram and whenever she learns something new, she puts it into practice.

"Tried something new that I've never done before with this client," Benitez says. "She is a natural level 7 and wanted to be lighter with a darkened root but I didn't want her to have a funky regrowth line so here's what I did..."

Haircolor Formula

  • Sliced in, feathering below root, Schwarzkopf BlondeMe Bleach with 30vol  and Olaplex
  • Toned at shampoo bowl with 9.5-1 and Steel Blue with 10volume.
  • After rinsing that, at the shampoo bowl I applied to her roots only 6-12 and 10volume for 7 minutes to just dirty up her roots and deepen them enough to give her the look she wanted without having to worry about an obvious regrowth line in time.
  • Chopped about 3 inches off to give it a fresh shape.

More about Lindsey Benitez here.

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