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Young, Successful and Staying Healthy

Rosanne Ullman | September 28, 2015 | 8:51 AM
(Left to right) Cassandra McGlaughlin and Dominique Limone

Cassandra McGlaughlin and Dominique Limone work together, are both Paul Mitchell educators and have built a large following on Instagram as expert colorists who share their tips and secrets (@CassandraPlatinum and @limonetree). They also support each other in planning now to stay healthy for a long career.


A 22-year-old stylist at Platinum Salon in Tampa, Florida, Limone already has identified the most common health risk of this career: taking care of everyone but yourself. “We take care of guests all day, and as long as my guest feels great it doesn’t matter how I feel,” she says. “We work 10-hour days, really working from the second we get to the salon until the second we leave. I think I’m young so I don’t need to do anything to stay fit. But then I wake up and my back hurts!”


McGlaughlin, salon director at the same salon, says she has found some relief from going to a chiropractor. She also plans her meals. “Monday is my day to prepare for the week,” she explains. “I don’t want to be up late at night preparing something for the next day, so I do it ahead of time on Mondays.”


Limone, too, gives food some thought. “One thing I recently changed is that now I bring little containers with me to the salon containing carrots and hummus or other healthy choices. It’s easy to grab a piece of pizza, but my healthier new routine is making a difference in how I feel. I can last the whole 10 hours without feeling terrible! You can find every excuse in the book for not being healthy, so sometimes you just have to tell yourself that it’s not an option.”

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