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COLOR CORRECTION: Box Black to Vibrant Auburn by Diana Lopez

Anne Moratto | October 1, 2015 | 1:31 PM

From years of at-home dye to a to-die-for auburn, this color correction caught our eye on Instagram.  Diana Lopez's clear and detailed instructions were a delight to receive  and now, to share.

"This client had been loyal to her black home dye ritual for over two years, and was ready for a change. says Lopez (@dhairdi), a Wella Educator based in Miami. "Welcoming her natural grays and complimenting her natural skin tone were top priorities. I recommended lifting her hair to a level 7, and adding warmer tones of red, gold and violet to accentuate her complexion." 

Step 1:

This color correction process began with a soap cap shampoo mixture of Wella Blondor 40 Vol creme developer and Olaplex #1.  Monitor your client’s hair. 30 minutes under the dryer was ample time to bring this head to the desired level 7. After a warm rinse, shampoo and towel dry, we were ready for the first toner application.

Step 2:

Before applying the main color formula, there were residual orange undertones left to correct, to even her all-over color tonality.

Apply a mix of Koleston Perfect 12/81 + 20 vol + Olaplex #1 all over from roots to ends. 

Allow hair to process for 25 minutes.

Rinse hair, then apply Olaplex #2, letting it work its conditioning magic for up to 10 minutes before rough drying.

Step 3:

Next, I mixed two different formulas using 7/75 (Medium Blonde Brown Red Violet)

Roots: 7/0 + 7.75 (1:2 parts) + 20 vol Koleston Perfect

Mid Lengths to Ends:  7/75 + 7/73 (2:1 parts) Koleston Perfect + 20 vol creme developer

Our process time was 35 minutes to achieve the desired color. 

Follow with a rinse, shampoo, and towel dry.

Step 4:

I performed one more all over toner application using Wella Color Touch 7/75 + 1.9 vol creme developer in 1:2 parts. 

Give this 15 minutes to process before rinsing again. 

At this point, I applied the Color Post Treatment creme by Wella to restore hair PH balance and seal the hair cuticle. It's another 15 minute wonder treatment, worth the time, leaving hair silky, and yes, smooth.

A third chorus of “rinse, condition and towel dry."

Color correction complete! 

Final Cut & Style:

Dry, dead ends were banished with a half inch trim to also preserve the hair length.  All-over, long, concave layers were added to allow movement. A blunt fringe cut just above the brows delivered face framing justice. During the final blow dry, I styled her hair into soft waves to enhance color dimension. New Wella EIMI products were used in between. 


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