TRANSFORMATION: Correcting A Home Ombre

Maggie Mulhern | October 10, 2015 | 6:56 PM
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Yesenia Leks (@LXHairStudio), owner of LX Hair Studio, Houston Heights, Texas, shares the behind the scenes story of this dramatic makeover by artist Rossy V:

"When our new client walked in, we were all greeted with a mess. When we inquired about what happen, she told us that the hair was virgin except for the ends, and that a friend attempted to retouch her grown out ombre at home. As you can imagine (and see) the results were..." The before shot speaks a thousands words. "We were all horrified, but we comforted our new client and began work to restore her hair."

STEP 1: To the base, apply Paul Mitchell The Color 7PN + 20 volume developer. From mid-shaft down, ("to control the different tones") apply 7PN + 10 volume developer ("with extra care to not touch the ends blond pieces").

STEP 2: Process for 25 minutes, maintaining visual inspections to ensure everything was progressing correctly.

STEP 3: Balayage the blonde ends, alternating two formulas: 9P + 10 volume developer, and 6N + 10 volume developer. Process for 10 minutes. Rinse and shampoo.
"The results were outstanding. Not only did we save the hair, we've made a friend for life," says Leks. "At LX Hair Studio we believe hair is a form of expression and style, and just like a piece of art, it’s an artist’s canvas. We focus on modern and timeless styles, using only the best hair products, and incorporate the latest hairstyling techniques. We are experts at creating awe-inspiring color creations and our artistry is well known for beautiful waves and balayages. We are committed to creating the perfect style for each and every one of our clients."


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