Kenra Professional: Tried, True and Trusted

Lauren Salapatek | October 7, 2015 | 1:12 AM
Kenra Color
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Kenra Professional Senior Artistic Manager Laken Rose
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Who We Are
For more than 85 years, Kenra Professional has been formulating haircare products distinguished by using a blend of pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-grade ingredients. A wholly owned subsidiary of Henkel Consumer Goods, Kenra Professional lines include: Kenra, Kenra Platinum and Kenra Color.

First Person
Laken Rose, senior artistic manager for Kenra Professional, discusses the ease-of-use colorists can experience with Kenra Color.

Customized Color
Kenra Color Creative sets us apart. We realized we had a gap in our color portfolio and that colorists were eager for us to launch a creative line. Kenra Color Creative allows colorists to challenge their creativity while allowing them to customize creative color trends for any client. From pastel accents to vibrant, all-over applications, the formulations are endless.

Simplified Technique
Our inspiration is simple: We aim to motivate colorists by allowing them to replicate any of our techniques in five steps or less. We break down current trends in an easy-to-understand way that allows colorists to create wearable looks for any client.

Innovating and Improving
It’s important for us to create innovative products for stylists to use behind the chair because trends are constantly evolving. Stylists need to be equipped with the right tools in their kit to achieve the styles their clients’ desire. We are constantly looking for ways to improve or create new categories in the beauty industry.

Formulation for Success:
Kenra’s formulation structure is very fundamental. Start by assessing the natural level, texture and density. From there, determine the target level/tone, assess the amount of gray and choose a developer based on the level of lift, deposit, or gray coverage needed to achieve the desired end result.

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