THE FIX: Home Bleach "Job" To Pro Sombre

Maggie Mulhern | October 8, 2015 | 7:35 AM
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Brittnie Garcia (@makeupbyfrances) of Ca Looks (@ca_looks), Visalla, California, says "My new client came in with previously home bleached hair and needed me to "fix it". Here she shares the HOW TO:

STEP 1: Cut an inch off the length and then divide into quadrants.

STEP 2: Start from the bottom with a lower developer "so that I could monitor the bleach and make sure nothing got hot and melted off!" Blend Wella FreeLights with 30 developer and the suggested amount of Olaplex. Balayage in back to back sections, concentrating on softening the hard lines. Separate with Goldwell Thermal foils.

STEP 3: Process for 20-30 minutes constantly checking the underneath and areas where bleach had some questionable areas. Lift to desired level. Rinse and towel dry.

STEP 4: Tone with 1oz 7/71 Wella Color Touch and 1/2 oz of 5/71 with a pea size of /66 and 1.9% 1:2. Rinse and towel dry.

STEP 5: Apply no.2 Olaplex, comb through and let sit for 10 minutes. Shampoo with Wella Brilliance shampoo and finished with Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask for another 10 minutes.

STEP 6: Finish with Pravana Nevo Intense Leave in and Kenra Blow dry Spray.

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