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Your “Great” is First-Rate!

Rosanne Ullman | October 11, 2015 | 11:33 AM
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You’ve been responding to our October Healthy Hairdresser Challenge with inspiring tips in sharing your personal “Great!” that helps you to replenish and recharge. There are still two weeks to enter the Challenge, sponsored by Great Clips, for your chance to win one of 10 Fitbit activity trackers! Here are just a few of the Greats we’ve received so far.


Hiking the beautiful mountains of West Virginia on weekends helps me find my inner balance to run my salon during the week.—Carlie G.


When I hug my kids! They remind me what’s important in life and why I strive to be a better person.—Kate P.


Crafting, painting, making jewelry, drawing—anything that expresses my creative being.—Victoria T.


Walking my dog every night after a long days work :)—Lisa B.


My great moment was giving birth to my daughter—it changed my mindset about my life, health and career. I take each one very seriously now.—Yalonda B.


When I make a teenaged girl feel beautiful, the happy feeling I get lasts for days.—Tami G.


Hot yoga—105 degrees for 90 minutes. Heaven!—Betty F.


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