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3 Ways to Mix Up the Standard Braid

Lauren Quick | October 13, 2015 | 11:34 AM
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Mix and Match

Sometimes, two is better than one. Blohaute (@blohaute) founder Amanda Diedrich used Fave4 products to create this mash-up of a pull-through ponytail and a fishtail braid. The top half is a series of ponytails looped around, or pulled through one another and secured with clear elastics. The bottom half is a fishtail braid that Diedrich plumped up by gently tugging at the sides with her  fingers, or “pancaking.”
Photo by Lauren Quick

Pick a Plait

Braids continue to trend in the beauty world.

They're popping up at weddings and prom, on beauty bloggers and at salons as quick add-on services. Beyond the standard French, Dutch and fishtail bread-and-butter, stylists are finding ways to upgrade a basic braid. 

Three Instagram-famed stylists (@blohaute, @lalasupdos and @heatherchapmanhair) known for their plaiting skills showcase next-level styles—and not a single French braid is to be seen.

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