Messy vs. Smooth: Offer Your Clients Styling Versatility

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 14, 2015 | 2:05 PM

Celebrity Stylist Philip Carreon, who has worked with such stars as Kris Jenner, Brittany Spears and Hilary Duff, stresses the importance of styling clients in whatever way best suits their lifestyle or mood. Don’t fall into the rut of giving every client the same blowout. During the consultation, determine what look will best suit his or her life and style accordingly.  

“My must have product is Eufora's ElixirOne,” Carreon says. “A lot of my celebrity clients like a very textured and messy look, and other times they prefer a smoother look. Since ElixirOne is so versatile, I use it to achieve both looks. This product is great because it allows me to create an effortless and undone looking style, which a lot of celebs ask for.”

Here's how Carreon uses the product for both styles, messy and smooth:

For a loose texture: use about 4-5 pumps of ElixirOne on towel dried hair. Do a loose hand set, then allow to air dry. The extreme moisture in ElixirOne encourages any raspy ends to dry into beautiful curls or waves.

For a smooth blowout: use 2-3 pumps of ElixirOne. Work through the ends first for heat protection, then start the blowout. The results are extreme shine, smooth control and weightless volume.

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