Salon Makeup Success

Lauren Salapatek | October 15, 2015 | 11:56 PM
At Yellow Strawberry Salon in Sarasota, Florida, Laura Halasz retails about $2,000 a month in cosmetics sales. (photo credit: Richard Weintraub)
Photo By Richard Weintraub

Laura Halasz, a full-time makeup artist at Yellow Strawberry’s Bee Ridge Salon in Sarasota, Florida, says working in a salon doing makeup gives you a great opportunity to build strong relationships with clients. Knowing what her clients want includes off ering a high-quality brand with built-in, broad-spectrum sun protection. It also means encouraging clients to get makeup touch-ups after any hair service.

“We have in-house contests for who can refer the most clients to me,” Halasz says. “Yellow Strawberry has a complete brow bar and lash extensions service, which can also lead to retail sales.”  Here, Halasz shares her tips for success:

  • Always collaborate with the stylist or colorist so your team can demonstrate and fully refl ect your culture. “One of the biggest mistakes salon makeup artists make is not having a clear vision when collaborating with the stylists,” Halasz says.
  • Prior to applying makeup, be sure the eyebrows have the perfect shape to enhance the client’s bone structure.
  • Remember that highlighting and contouring accentuate facial features. Showcase the cheekbones and highlight underneath the eyes.
  • Never allow a client to leave the chair without color on her lips. Even if it’s just a gloss, it brings color back to the face.
  • To attract and retain clients, create the perfect environment with the most fl attering lighting possible. Ask the client what she wants—it’s critical she has a voice.
  • The best way to close a sale is to ask clients, “What is the one product that is going to make you feel confi dent?” Let them know there is a product that can do this, and show it to her.

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