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Family, Nature and Work Rise in Our “Great” Challenge

Rosanne Ullman | October 19, 2015 | 12:50 PM
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Family, Nature and Work Rise in Our “Great” Challenge


Three themes are emerging in your responses to the October Healthy Hairdresser Challenge, sponsored by Great Clips, asking you to share the one thing that inspires you to be the greatest “you” every day. You’re telling us that the people you love, the beauty of nature and working in this industry are your biggest inspirations. Kristin J. combined two: “Being at the lake on the water, with friends.” Other examples:


Family and friends

  • When my two-year-old daughter runs up to me after a long day at work and gives me a hug and kiss and asks if I made money to buy her a train!—Nicole L.
  • Spending time with my dad. I lost him last year to esophagus cancer. I spent every chemo session with him even if it was just sitting with him. My dad was and still is my inspiration. I promised him before he passed that I would go back and get my manager’s license, and I finally made that dream come true.—Lorrie K.
  • My Great moment is always spending time with my only daughter! We’ve been coloring her hair since she was in 3rd grade. She is now 23....Anything from black and red streaks to doing her all red for a Halloween costume in high school. We’ve done purple streaks, dark brown....Besides giving me a great creative outlet, we have fun just being together!—Sue W.


  • Walking on the Railroad Trail every morning before my day in the salon. My scenery is trees, squirrels, birds, the bay. Just part of God’s beauty to inspire me.—Cheri M.
  • Hiking trails through the woods, forest or mountains. It’s so peaceful being out in nature and getting away from the city. You can really feel the fresh air.—Jamie G.
  • When I take my dogs for a walk first thing in the morning and breathe that fresh air. Enjoying the mountain views gets me on track and focused for my busy day.—Yolie B.

Professional work

  • My great moment happens every week when I come back into my classroom and help mold our future hairdressers.—Toni I.
  • When my client looks in the mirror and says, “I just love my hair!”—Angie H.
  • When I help someone who really needs it or can’t pay [for a salon service].—Patti B.

You have through Halloween to enter the October Challenge for your chance to win one of 10 Fitbit activity trackers! We want to know how you get your great!



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