3 Clipper Tips to Kickstart Your Men's Grooming Skills

Lauren Quick | October 19, 2015 | 12:51 PM
Refined rockabilly inspired by Elvis Presley and James Dean, customized for client by Joi Rooks.

If you haven't delved into the world of men's grooming yet, 1.) You're missing out on a huge, loyal clientele base, and 2.) You needn't be intimidated.

“I used to be a stylist that would only use my shears or a razor on men's haircuts, but now I have upgraded my clippers and have learned some new techniques," says Joi Rooks, owner of Fresche Salon in Atlanta. "This has really elevated what I can offer my male clientele.”

As with any client, a good haircut will begin with a good consultation. In addition, Rooks has three quick tips to get you going with men's cutting.

3 Clipper Tips

  1. Start with a larger guard. Work down to a smaller one.
  2. Figure out how high you want an undercut to go first, then cut up to that point with the larger guard.
  3. Keep the hairline natural. Cut it close with your smallest guard. A natural-looking hairline looks more updated than squaring it off.


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