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Formula How-To: Marbled Crimson by Paul Mitchell

Victoria Wurdinger | October 21, 2015 | 9:05 AM

Lines and hues effortlessly melt a spectrum of seamless levels, and flickers of light catch the eye among diffused, blurred lines.




Natural level 4


Formula 1: 2 oz Paul Mitchell The Color XG 5RV (5/46) + 1 inch Violet Intensifier with 3 oz 20-volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer


Formula 2: 2 oz The Color XG 7RV (7/46) + 1 inch Violet Intensifier with 3 oz 30-volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer


Formula 3: SynchroLift with 20-volume Paul Mitchell Cream Developer


1. Section out the long hair on the top panel. Start in the back and apply Formula 1 from the base to ends. Take vertical sections and apply the formula to the “underneath” hair. A tail comb will help you divide the hair as you work up and apply the color. To create a platform for the top panel, apply a foil over the color at the crown.


2. Apply Formula 1 to the base; then apply Formula 2 to the mid-shaft and ends. Turn your color brush vertically to help blend the two formulas. Continue with this technique until you reach the front hairline. For complete saturation, use the bristles of the color brush as a comb on the mid-shaft and ends.


3. Once the application is completed, apply a clear visor or piece of foil at the front hairline. In the front-right corner, slice out a section and overlay onto the foil/platform. Apply a band of Formula 3 at the top of the platform, one inch from the hairline and directly on the colored hair. Cover with a narrow piece of foil. Continue this technique on each section until you complete the top panel.


4. Process the color XG formulas for 45 minutes. Rinse when the SynchroLift bands are processed to the desired lightness.


Hair: Heather Kaanoi for Paul Mitchell

Photography: Sarah Silver

Global artistic director: Robert Cromeans

Fashion styling: Emma Trask

Makeup: Vincent Oquendo


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