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Persistence Outweighs Resistance

Carlos Valenzuela | October 23, 2015 | 9:44 AM
Kristopher Osuna & models. Tucson Fashion Week (photo credit: Carlos Valenzuela)
Photo By Carlos Valenzuela

As often as we hear that mentors motivate new professionals, there is no doubt that beginners are also a source of inspiration for many of us seasoned professionals.

Last weekend I attended Tucson Fashion Week, a multiple-venue event promoting local designers, art and beauty. When you think of Tucson, Arizona, high fashion does not pop into mind. The success of the event is a testament to beauty and talent being everywhere. To my pleasant surprise, I instantly saw totally out of the box hairstyles created with materials other than hair including plastic spoons, forks, newspaper tear sheets, just to name a few. Who did this, I thought?

Making my way past photographers and gatekeepers, I spotted Kristopher Osuna, Tucson Fashion Week’s 36-year old lead hairstylist, a graduate of The Academy of Hair Design in Oklahoma City, a Vidal Sassoon Connection Academy. He has been licensed for five years.

Kristopher is a friendly, approachable stylist who joined Tucson Fashion Week because he was given creative freedom to create whatever he felt was edgy. “ I chose to work with a medium other than hair, so most of the work was pre-done, in other words, not prepared backstage, as in most fashion shows.” The hair designs were a big hit. I saw in Osuna a NAHA winner.

What motivates someone to excel? The answer is short, but not simple: Kris loves what he does and is persistent. He gets his hands in hair in every way possible and never takes no for an answer/

I spoke to Kristopher about NAHA and thanked him for his time. Before I left he did offer a parting shot, “No does not mean no. Push through and believe in yourself because persistence outweighs resistance.” 

I’m impressed.

Carlos is an international speaker, trainer, stylist and author of  a success guide for new salon professionals. Contact: [email protected]







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