TRANSFORMATION: Old Ombre To New Lavender

Maggie Mulhern | October 23, 2015 | 8:17 PM

Tina Park (@hairbytinapark) of Duet Salon, San Jose, California, says she "loves taking clients on a journey through different hair transformations and together discovering their own personal style." For this look, Park says that this client arrived with thick, level 2 hair, "and told me she wanted her whole head to be lavender... and she wanted it before her trip to Asia in 4 months! I explained to her the process and some risks associated with going from a level 2 to level 9/10." The process took 4 sessions. The first 2 sessions were heavy highlights and the 3rd session was a full head of balayage. What you see here is the how to (and results) from the 4th session.

Here Park shares the HOW TO:

A: Redken Flashlift 40vol wtih Olaplex 1
B: Redken Flashlift 30vol with Olaplex 1
C: Redken Flashlift 20vol with Olaplex 1
D: Redken ShadesEQ 9V with Olaplex 1
E: Parvana Violet and Parvana Silver with mixture of Olaplex 2.

How To:
STEP 1: Apply formula A 1/2 inch off the scalp to line of demarcation. End papers are used to protect each subsection from overlapping. Process for 45 minutes.
STEP 2: Apply formula B on the scalp to line of demarcation. Process for 45 minutes.
STEP 3: Apply Formula C to the rest of the hair (including the ends), halfway into step 2. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse well.
STEP 4: Apply Formula D. Process for 5-7minutes. Rinse well. Dry hair 100%.
STEP 6: Apply Formula E. Process for 15 minutes. Shampoo and style. Send client home with Olaplex 3.


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