CORRECTION: Help For Damaged Color

Maggie Mulhern | October 27, 2015 | 6:59 AM

Olivia Huynh (@oliviahuynhhair) of Lisa Dinh Hair Studio, Toronto had a challenge. "My client came in with very damaged, brassy orange/yellow hair," says Huynh who points out that she did not do the previous color. "Her hair was over processed so I had to be very careful and gentle. She's been doing bleach and tone for a few years but decided she was ready for a change, however, she wasn't ready to get rid of all the blonde yet. I told her that I thought a rooty balayage would be a nice change for her.”

Here Huynh shares the HOW TO:

STEP 1: Using Kenra lightener and 20 volume with Olaplex, lift the brassy pieces using balayage application.
STEP 2:  In between the foils add lowlights with Fanola 5.8+ 10 volume.
STEP 3: At the root apply Fanola 4.14+ 10 volume to create a shadow root look.
STEP 4: Process according to the manufacturers instructions and then rinse and shampoo.
STEP 5: Tone with Wella T18+ TBB+ 10 volume and process for fifteen minutes. Rinse and then apply Olaplex step 2. Process for 10 minutes and then rinse.

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