Elegant Bridal Updos For Wedding Hair by Martin Parsons and Candy Shaw

Alison Alhamed | October 27, 2015 | 2:42 PM
Soft balayage babylights created varying tones in this upstyle. After placing 1-inch barrel curls throughout the hair, a soft shape was built by looping each curl back into a low chignon. “This sultry style poses perfectly with a veil and headpiece for the ceremony and holds its own without for the reception,” Shaw says. “The soft, looped curls play up the simplicity of the dress, and the positioning of the overall volume at the base softens the squareness of her jaw line.” Hair: Candy Shaw and the Sunlights Artisan Team
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After melting a darker violet at the base and balayaging the ends by using Sunlights and 40-volume, this updo beauty was born by simply following the patterns of where the color lived and placing the ridges atop the darker areas of the color. Hair: Martin Parsons
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“First, the back was separated from the front,” Shaw says. “By using a medium-barrel iron, the hair was curled softly in back. After back combing at the base, the curls were wrapped and sprayed with Jamison Shaw Hairspray. To create additional interest, the front was twisted together and pinned into an upstyle. The veil was set low in the nape to cover her shoulders and draw the eye toward the front of the updo and her piercing eyes.” Hair: Candy Shaw and the Sunlights Artisan Team
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Prelighten hair with balayage. “By using a demipermanent color first, I glazed over highlights with an orange-gold,” Shaw says. “Then she was double-dipped with a second coat of permanent color to add shine and seal the orange-red tone. The color was selected to mimic the peaches and cream in her skin tone.” Hair: Martin Parsons
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Seamless balayage was created by using Sunlights and 40 volume to play up this half-up half-down look. “Based on the overall volume of the gown, I was inspired to elongate her look with a half-up, half-down French feel,” Shaw says. “I sectioned from the corner of the eye on one side and from the ear on the other. I did not want the sides to match. Then I place a small crescent padding in the crown and wrapped the hair in diagonal sections back.” Hair: Candy Shaw and the Sunlights Artisan Team
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“By using several pieces of hair padding, this design was first curled all over and then folded around the padding to make the curls appear larger and dramatic,” Shaw says. “After spraying with Jamison Shaw Hairspray, the curls were pinched and opened throughout the shape. A small comb was placed in back for interest and detailing.” Hair: Candy Shaw and the Sunlights Artisan Team
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At a time when special-occasion styles veer heavily toward effortless and tousled, educator Candy Shaw invited updo master Martin Parsons to bring sophistication and formal back to the bridal world in a very modern way.


"It’s easy to be shabby chic," says educator, product manufacturer, salon owner and stylist Candy Shaw, who invited updo guru Martin Parsons to her homestead in Atlanta to shoot this MODERN exclusive collection. "This is about bringing that sophistication back into the bridal world, which has been inundated with effortlessness. This was about elegance, sophistication and effort."


Shaw connected with top-notch models, florists and gowns from Bridals by Lori (of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta) to create the most formal of finishes.


“Martin came in with his tool bag, and it was literally the size of a bread basket—it was that small. And that was all that it took to be Martin Parsons.” –Candy Shaw


Team: Martin Parsons, Candy Shaw and the Sunlights Artisan Team

Production: Tom Carson

Photography: Global Hair & Fashion Group

Makeup: Candice Holloway

Fashion: Bridals by Lori

Jewelry: Laura Pearce Jewelry

Flowers: Tony Brewer & Company


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