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Love Conquers All: Non-Profit Love Out Lavender Calls on the Creativity of Stylists to Defeat Cancer

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 28, 2015 | 8:31 AM
“There is nothing more heart-wrenching than hearing about a child whose life was ripped from them by cancer before they even had a chance to truly live. As a parent, the well-being and quality of life of children has always had a special place in my heart, so as the owner I’ve always led Rock Paper Salon to fi ght battles to raise up our next generation. There is no better fight to fight or better investment to make, absolutely no higher cause to stand for than children. That’s why sponsoring the Gold Cancer Ribbon, representing childhood cancer, is the only choice I could’ve made.” —ADAM SCULNICK, owner and creative director of Rock Paper Salon in Stuart, Florida
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“August 31st, 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. What do you do when you are given the shock of a cancer diagnosis? Once you work through the initial shock and the air returns to your lungs and color to your skin, you make a choice: fight or give in. I wasn’t about to bury my head in my hands and wait to die. I got on with the business of healing, and as my courage grew, so did my strength.” —TODD KANE, Love Out Lavender founder and stylist at Ramon Bacaui Hair & Med Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona
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“I created my image in honor of my husband. Two years ago, he had a cancerous tumor in his neck. He underwent surgery, followed by weeks of chemo and radiation. Our lives were changed forever. He is a survivor and has fully recovered thanks to quick response time, great doctors and faith. Not all battles have such a happy ending, so we should never stop trying to end this disease.” —CHARLENE PRUDHOMME, Matrix educator and owner of Charisma Salon in Coventry, Rhode Island
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Hair: Adam Sculnick | Photography: Megan Ashley Rossknecht | Makeup: Kendra Person
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Hair: Todd Kane | Photography: Don Thompson | Makeup: M’Jaie Mangus | Fashion styling: Dani Astorga
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Hair: Charlene Prudhomme | Photography: Bob Packert | Makeup: Azriel Salon | Fashion styling: Terri Mahn, Maryanne Merservey
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Hair: Todd Kane and Renee Cauchi | Photography: Don Thompson | Makeup: M’Jaie Mangus | Fashion styling: Lana Gerimovich, Dani Astorga
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Hair: Tyler James | Photography: Christine Mathews | Makeup: Jessica Whittier | Makeup assistant: Samantha Glam
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Colored ribbons have become the international symbol of support and awareness for a wide array of causes, not least of which is cancer. Every type of cancer is aligned with a color—pink for breast cancer and gold for childhood cancer for example. Lavender represents the fight against all cancers and the efforts to conquer the illness completely. It was with this goal that Love Out Lavender was born.


When Matrix Artistic Educator and 2013 NAHA Finalist Todd Kane’s mother received a cancer diagnosis, he remembered she taught him to believe that love conquers all. He took this to heart and founded Love Out Lavender, setting out to prove that creativity can help defeat cancer. 


Love Out Lavender is a non-profit designed to unite creative people in the mission to find a cure for cancer. It encourages beauty professionals to create inspiring images to raise funds through sponsorship, events and an annual calendar.


“The beauty industry creates these wonderful fundraising images to give voice to people who don’t know what to say, give emotion to those who don’t know what to feel and to generate money for prevention, for survival and ultimately for a cure,” Kane says.


The organization’s second-annual campaign runs from February 4, 2016, World Cancer Day, through June 5, 2016, National Cancer Survivor’s Day. Individuals, salons, beauty schools and others are invited to choose a colored ribbon to be the focus of a fundraising campaign, then inspire donations by designing an image that reflects their story of fighting cancer. Kane recommends building an event around the photoshoot and sharing the finished images on social media to further awareness and gain support. 


“It is the love behind these images and their unique stories that move people to action.”—TODD KANE 


Love Out Lavender does not target donations directly; instead it focuses on igniting the passions of others and giving them a tool to raise funds. “It’s about love and creativity,” Kane says. “Put your heart into it, and the money will come.”


And it did. Love Out Lavender sponsors created 18 powerful images to tell their stories of fighting cancer. Together, these images generated 215 donations, 20,000 page visits, 4,500 users and $10,000 toward the search for a cure.


“The power of Love Out Lavender is not just in the images, but also in the stories behind them,” Kane says. “Beyond the money that is raised, there is healing in the sense of community and connectedness that the organization fosters. The images and their stories speak to their creators’ hearts, tenacities and, most of all, their belief that creativity can conquer cancer.”


This year, Love Out Lavender anticipates an even greater campaign that includes beauty schools, manufacturers, retailers and artists who have been inspired by the 2015 campaign.


How To Get Involved:

1. Sponsor it. World Cancer Day is February 4, 2016—log on to and choose a ribbon to inspire your concept. You can bring awareness to the form of cancer you choose however you want, be it a message of faith, hope, courage, love, prevention, survival or even frustration. With your sponsorship, you’re trying to move people to donate.


2. Create it. Tap into your community of local artists, beauty schools, boutiques and designers to share their stories and passion for a photoshoot.


3. Promote it. Change your Facebook picture to the Love Out Lavender logo, encourage your friends and family to do the same, and share your image across all of your social media platforms.

The campaign closes June 5, 2016, National Cancer Survivor’s Day.


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