Streetwise Collection by Men's Specialist Whitney VerMeer

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 28, 2015 | 10:20 AM
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Trendy men’s styles vary from polished and sophisticated to messy and disheveled. Whitney VerMeer, men’s specialist at Haus Salon in Minneapolis, achieves an urban-cool effect by finding the perfect balance between neat and gritty.

“I cut the entire shape freehand,” VerMeer says. “Using blades rather than guards creates a tailored design for the individual by catering to the bone structure and nuances of the head shape. I love cutting this way because I am an absolute perfectionist, and it allows me to hone those skills.” 

In addition to using ceramic blades, VerMeer stresses the importance of moving around her chair and mirror to effectively utilize natural light. This skill allows a stylist to remove any shadows that might occur due to the client’s bone structure and to deliver a seamless, balanced shape.

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