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Makeup Artist Christian Zamora Partners with Borboleta

Anne Moratto | October 28, 2015 | 12:33 PM
Borboleta’s CEO and Founder Kim Jaynes and Master of Artistry for Borboleta, Christian Zamora

Borboleta, the beauty brand and creators of lash extensions, is partnering with New York City master lash and makeup artist Christian Zamora to develop the company’s artistry program and expand its network of accredited artists, experts and thought leaders. 

“To say I am honored to be working with Christian is an understatement,” says Borboleta’s CEO and Founder Kim Jaynes. “I am still pinching myself to make sure it’s real. As I have gotten to know Christian personally over the last few months, I am floored by his talent, expertise and genuine grace.”

As Master of Artistry for Borboleta, Zamora will play a critical role in the development and oversight of the company’s Artistry Program including the introduction of its master artistry course and certification for lash extensions. The advanced course will be 100% focused on artistry and the art of lashing — looking at someone’s unique features and tailoring a custom set of lashes that shapes the eye to enhance their natural beauty. The master artistry course and certification will add additional value and accreditation to the company’s  education program.

“What I love about Borboleta is they get it,” Zamora said. “Between their training and product line, they’re leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else out there. The fact that they are training students to look at someone’s unique features and create a custom look that enhances their natural beauty is phenomenal.” 

The partnership will also focus on expanding Borboleta’s network of artists, experts and thought leaders in the industry while continuing to develop and nurture its core culture of honoring great artists and artistry. In conjunction with Zamora’s new position, his Manhattan studio will be co-branded with Borboleta and utilized as a beauty academy to host educational courses and events, as well as expand the brand’s presence on the east coast. 

“Artists define beauty by enhancing those features that make each of us unique and different,” Zamora said. “I’m thrilled to be a part of a brand that celebrates diversity and focuses on enhancing someone's natural beauty through their art. With Borboleta, the possibilities are really endless.”

Zamora's work has appeared in WWD, Vogue, MORE and New York Magazine, as well as on major television broadcasts including The Grammy’s, Tony’s, and Fashion Rocks. He is the exclusive makeup artist for Tiffany & Co New York events and his celebrity clients include Brooklyn Decker, Katie Holmes and Paloma Picasso.


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