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Formula How-To: Sombre Melt by Redken

Victoria Wurdinger | October 29, 2015 | 11:50 AM

Sombre is a soft transition without a hard start or stop. The results are a more natural tone-on-tone that’s fast, fresh and simple to create.




Natural level 7, medium blonde with existing highlights


Formula 1: 2 oz 8NA Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich with 2 oz 10-volume Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer


Formula 2: 1 oz 8P Chromatics Ultra Rich + 1 oz 10P Chromatics Ultra Rich with 2 oz 20-volume Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer


Formula 3: 1 oz 09NB Irish Crème Shades EQ Gloss + 1 oz Crystal Clear Shades EQ Gloss with 2 oz Shades EQ Processing Solution


1. Start in the back-left nape section and take a ¼-inch diagonal back slice and place on a foil. Apply Formula 1 to zone 1 and into zone 2. Next, leave 1 inch of natural hair and apply Formula 2 through remainder of zones 2 and 3. Leave out the previously colored ends. Using the Redken Blur Brush, use vertical strokes to blur both formulas together. Drop down to the next ¼-inch slice, place on the previous section and repeat the application. Cover the last section with foil to secure, then repeat on opposite side. Complete all the back sections in the same manner.


2. Move to the front-left temple section and repeat the entire procedure in Step 1. When the section is completed, repeat on the front-right temple section and both front crown sections. Process at room temperature for 35 minutes; shampoo and condition.


3. Apply Formula 3 using a global application. Process 20 minutes; shampoo and condition with Redken Blonde Idol.


Hair: Sean Godard for Redken


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