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Formula How-To: Grape Ice by Keratin Complex

Victoria Wurdinger | October 29, 2015 | 11:55 AM

Colors seen throughout nature can both surprise and delight: desert meets sky, sea greets sun; lightning illuminates the clouds. Warm sits next to cool. Vibrant sits next to muted, and it all works harmoniously.




Natural level 10


Formula 1: 30 ml Keratin Complex KeraHold AA + 10 ml Metamorfix.VV with 40 ml 20-volume KeraHolddeveloper


Formula 2: 35 ml KeraHold 4VN + 10 ml KeraHold 3N + 10 ml Metamorfix VV with 55 ml 20-volume KeraHold developer


Formula 3: 35 ml KeraHold 6RV + 10 ml KeraHold 5MR + 10 ml Metamorfix RV with 60 ml 20-volume KeraHold developer


1. Working off the part line, create a long triangle with the point of the triangle touching the part line and the width of triangle spanning to the bottom perimeter on the lower side. Leave ½ inch of hair on the part line to drop over section and below that, to mirror your first triangle, but end that section at the round of the head.


2. Paint these sections from scalp to ends using Formula 2. Isolate with foils.


3. Apply Formula 3 at the base (in the same manner as a retouch application) everywhere around the isolated sections.


4. Using a color board for separation and saturation, alternate Formulas 1 and 3. Slide the board down to the base color application, and paint your next color from that point to ends. (Tips: Formula 3 becomes the base and is also incorporated full strand. Alternate the colors and create separation by pulling your board in opposite direction. Formula 1 will lay loosely on one side, and Formula 3 will be on the other.) Process for 35 minutes.


5. Remove the foils from a single section and rinse well. Repeat this rinsing method in the remaining isolated sections. This will ensure no transfer of color between sections. Then cleanse and condition.


Color: Deb Gavin for Keratin Complex

Photography: Babak

Creative director: Ivie Richman

Makeup: Sherilyn Segal


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