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Formula How-To: Hot Topic by Scruples

Victoria Wurdinger | October 29, 2015 | 2:35 PM

A blend of color showcases bold highlights with a precise cut that has exaggerated disconnection.




Natural level 6


Formula 1: 1 oz Scruples Power Blonde Lightening Powder with 1 oz Scruples Pure OXI Creme Developer


Formula 2: 1 oz Scruples True Integrity Opalescent Creme Colour level 1 Neutral 1N with 1 ½ oz Scruples Pure OXI Demi-Permanent Creme Developer


Formula 3: 1 oz Scruples True Integrity Opalescent Creme Colour level 4 Radiant Red 4RR with 1½ oz Scruples Pure OXI 10-volume Creme Developer


Formula 4: 1 oz Scruples Illusionist Brilliant Creme Highlights 4R Scarlet with 1½ oz Scruples Pure OXI 10-volume Creme Developer


Formula 5: 1 oz Scruples Urban Shock Color Craze Purple, Orange and Red.


1. Use Formula 1 in foils to pre-lighten three small triangular pieces and three rectangular pieces on each side of the head, as well as two rectangular pieces directly below the crown in the back of the head. Process to a level 8. Shampoo, rinse and dry.


2. Apply Formula 5 Purple in foil to one of the prelightened triangular pieces on the side of the head in the middle, Orange to side of head closest to hairline and Red to all remaining below the crown.


3. Take a horseshoe parting around the hairline to the nape and around the head and apply Formula 2.


4. Apply Formula 3 on all remaining hair, from the root area to approximately 2 inches out.


5. Then apply Formula 4 on the mid-shaft and ends.


6. Process 30 minutes. Rinse Formulas 2-4 fi rst and lightly shampoo. Then remove the foils with Formula 5 rinse the hair; then shampoo the rest of the hair. Rinse until water runs clear, then condition.


Creative director: Mia Liguori McHugh

Color: Jeffrey James

Cut and styling: Charlie Price

Makeup: Kumi

Photography: Mel Watson


For more information, visit

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