Bling Thing: How Well-Placed Hair Accessories Can Take Brides to the Next Level

Alison Alhamed | October 30, 2015 | 12:43 PM
Hair jewelry from Boutique deVoile can add just the right amount of sparkle your bride needs to take her look from ceremony to reception. Visit (photo credit: Boutique deVoile)
Photo By Boutique deVoile

A well-placed hair accessory can elevate a finished look from incomplete and tousled, to finished and memorable. Whether it’s adding the final touch on a bride or taking a client from day to night, hair jewelry adds an unexpected sparkle.

“Hair jewelry is a great way for brides or bridesmaids who don’t like super-formal updo looks to dress up their effortless,lived-in style,” says bridal stylist and founder of Blohaute on-demand beauty booking system Amanda Diedrich. “It turns a simple braid or soft wave into a stunning bridal style.

”Depending on the type of hair jewelry, typically hairpins or bobby pins are the best way to secure.“For veils, broaches, combs or headbands, take two bobbypins and secure on either side of the hair accessory,” Diedrich says. “Teasing the hair at the root before styling or adding a bit of a dry texture spray to the root, especially for fine hair, also helps give the hair jewelry a little more stability and makes it easier to secure the bobby pin tightly to the head.”

Diedrich’s favorite tip? Spray the hair pins or bobbypins with a firm-hold hairspray before application to allow them to have more grip and stick better to the hair. After securing, spritz the hair accessory with a firm hold hairspray, making sure to hold the spray at least 12-inches away to avoid creating a film over the bling.

“Many brides want small changes between the wedding ceremony and reception,” says Candy Shaw, educator, stylist and cover artist of the November issue of MODERN SALON. “Hair ornaments such as flowers, jewelry and even belts with satin ribbons can take the look to the next level.”

Keeping a few accessories and hair jewelry in your freelance bag is a huge upsell opportunity for the big day, be it prom, a wedding, homecoming or any special occasion like a high school reunion.

“Many times a simple broach, comb or headband can completely transform a hairstyle and not many women think to do so or can’t visualize a hair accessory with their desired look,” Diedrich says. “Keeping a selection on hand is a great way to set yourself apart from other stylists as well as upsell your service! It’s a win-win!”

This hair jewelry from NYC's Boutique deVoile offer just the right amount of bling for your bride on her special day.

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