HOW-TO: Come One, Come All to the Electric Circus

Jamie Newman | November 2, 2015 | 10:15 AM
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"I get very excited when my client Jenna sits in my chair," says Toni Rose Larson (@Colordollzbytoni), hair painter of Carlsbad, California. "We began our journey two years ago; she has been my muse and was my first creation using Fashion Color!" 

"With this look I installed @Invisitab Tape In Hair Extensions I work closely with @Hairartproducts as these extensions are the best quality on the planet! These extensions can withstand just about anything," she says. 

Prep Hair Extensions (decolorize and installation):  
1. Use Pravana 000 Booster + 30 Vol + 1/4 oz Continuum Ro Maxx. Process for 30 min. No heat
2. Rinse, Apply Continuum Ro Zen for 10 min. shampoo,rinse,dry and retape extensions.
3. Apply 1 inch away from scalp. Solaris' Demaquillant "Demaq" 25grams + 75grams 20Vol + 1/4 oz Continuum Ro Maxx
4. Process 20 min under low heat, rinse cool water, apply Continuum Ro Zen for 10 min. Shampoo with Solaris lait.
5. Tone with Pravana ChromaSilk Express Tones Violet + 9Vol 5 min. Rinse, shampoo, blowdry.
6. Apply Base Color...Pravana Vivids Black Additive 3oz + 1oz Clear
7. Apply at base pulling color down 2 inch.
8. Process 30 min. Rinse cool water, light shampoo, condition, blow dry, 

Install Hair Extensions 

Fashion Colors Formula:
All Pravana Used
#1 2oz Violet + 2oz Neon Blue
#2 3oz Lucious Lavender + 1/2 oz Neon Pink
#3 2oz Pink + 1oz Magenta + 1oz Neon Pink
#4 2oz Orange + 2oz Neon Orange + 1/2 oz Neon Yellow 

STEP 1: Apply formula #1 pulling Color down approximately 4 inches.
STEP 2: Using Pravana Meche Sheets, begin at the nape and work towards the crown of client's head, taking 1-inch vertical partings and apply formulas #2, #3 and #4 simultaneously, placing each section in Meche to isolate color.  
STEP 3: Apply in the same manner to the two front sections beginning at the ear and working up towards the crown.
STEP 4: Process 30 min. Rinse cold water, shampoo, condition, blowdry, style.


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