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Farouk Systems Signs Retail Promotions Agreement with Univision Communications Inc.

Anne Moratto | November 5, 2015 | 10:29 AM
“We are extremely excited about our agreement with Univision since it marks the expansion of our engagement with 57 million plus U.S. Hispanic consumers” --Farouk Systems President and CEO, Basim Shami

Farouk Systems USA announced the signing of their first promotional agreement with Univision Enterprises, the products and services division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), a leading media company serving Hispanic America. The company’s CHI and BioSilk haircare products and styling tools will be used by the hairstyling team at Despierta America (Wake Up America), Hispanic America’s #1 morning show airing on the Univision Network, Monday to Friday from 7 to 11 am, as they beautify hosts, guests, and internationally known celebrities that appear on the show during the term of the promotion. As part of the agreement, Farouk Systems will work with their distribution partners to give consumers the chance to win a trip to Miami and have a backstage experience to attend the morning show live and get a make-over.

Additionally, Despierta América will create a weekly segment giving viewers a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes as the hosts and guests are styled with CHI and BioSilk products. The spot will showcase a variety of interesting and sometimes funny moments leading up to their on-air appearances.

Since 1986, Farouk Systems has been an active force within the Hispanic community. This relationship not only includes distribution through numerous Latin American countries but a strong Hispanic educational team, hundreds of employees and countless philanthropic efforts.

MODERN SALON asked Farouk Systems President and CEO, Basim Shami to talk about how this collaboration came about.

MS: Did you approach UNIVISION or did they come to you about this collaboration?  

BS: We approached Univision as it is Hispanic America’s number-one television station. Their engagement includes over 57 million U.S, Hispanics. This was a perfect fit for Farouk Systems since we share that number-one spot as being the most widely used hair care company in the world. Together, we share a large majority of the same customers.

MS: You have actively supported the Hispanic community. How have you reached the Spanish-speaking professional beauty community with your education?

BS: Farouk Systems has one of the finest lists of Hispanic educators. They are devoted to teaching around the world and sharing their knowledge. We pride ourselves in not only educating the licensed hairstylists but, in our over 500 CHI charter schools, we are grooming future stylists.

MS: Who on your team of stylists will be going behind-the-scenes to style the hosts and guests?

BS: No one from our team of stylists will be doing the styling for the hosts and guests as the show has their own hair department, however, they will be using all CHI products and tools to create the looks. The show airs daily so this will be great exposure for our brand.

MS: Final words?

BS: We are extremely excited about our agreement with Univision. It is because of our dedication to excellence and providing consumers products that improve the condition and integrity of their hair that we have seen an increase in the Hispanic market loving our products and tools. This agreement with Despierta América will only help to increase the awareness of BioSilk and CHI products.

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