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Hairdressers’ “Healthy Holiday Moments” Will Inspire You!

Rosanne Ullman | November 6, 2015 | 10:34 AM
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Many of you have been taking our November Healthy Hairdresser Challenge, and we’re inspired by your responses and want to share! If you haven’t already, all this month you can Take the Challenge to be eligible to be entered to win one of 30 Gifts of Holiday Beauty from CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall. Below is just a sample of the great ideas coming out of this Challenge.


The Challenge: What is Your “Healthy Holiday Moment”? 


New Year’s Day! I feel motivated and inspired for new looks and challenges.—Michelle P.


Going in for a foot massage once a week and reminding my coworkers to get their massages, too. We get so exhausted and need to replenish so we can have the energy to give our clients our best.—Kamala M.


When there is no anger or fuss, just Devine chaos.—Toshia I.


Starting each day with a positive attitude and a healthy juice of carrots and apples!—Mary W.


During the crazy holiday season, I like to walk around with tiny bowls of essential oils in lavendar and eucalytpus. I let each stylist and their client breathe a little in. It gives everyone a boost and relaxing feeling while making the salon smell delicious!—Suzanne G.


Having a full body stretch once a day.—Caitlin R.


Stop talking about myself so I don’t wear myself out and have more energy for myself after work; stop sentences starting with “I” completely, unless I’m asked.—Lina S.


Schedule 15 minutes during each day at work to exercise, avoid the candy drawer and drink water.—Tiffany S.


Slowing down and enjoying this festive moment. I overwork myself and forget to enjoy this special time....I hope to stop and really listen to my clients, celebrate the holiday and make them feel extra special. This helps my mental health instead of being so stressed with the long hours.—Becky S.


Good shoes, stretching, bringing in our fav foods and planning a great Christmas party or event, something for us to be cheerful about.—Debra B.



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