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HOW-TO: Getting the Red Out

Anne Moratto | November 9, 2015 | 6:07 PM

Amanda Holland (@amandahollandhair) came to the rescue of her obviously distressed client to get the red out and to create a blonde that would make anyone smile.

"I met her because she learned the hard way that temporary color isn't always so..temporary! Three processes later and the orange was gone," Holland says.


Here's Holland's HOW-TO:

Step 1: I clarified with Unite Weekender then towel dried the hair. 

Step 2: I applied Malibu C Crystal Gel and let it process for 30 minutes. I removed the Crystal Gel and dried the hair 100%

Step 3: I used Lightinsider Cream Lightener with 20 volume on the midlenghts and ends, then painted some highlights through the top as well.

Step 4: I rinsed the lightener out,  towel dried the hair, and toned with Socolor 10P and 10 volume. 

Step 5: I used Unite Moisturizing  to cleanse and condition the hair. 

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