VIDEO: Convertible Milkmaid and Double Fishtail Braids

Lauren Salapatek | November 10, 2015 | 8:35 AM
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Final two braided looks.
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Hotheads Hair Extensions shows you how to create two whimsical fishtail braids and then how to convert them into two different styles – one a braided headband updo and the other an all-in-one large, deconstructed braid.

In this how-to, you will first learn how to fishtail braid the hair. In this particular scenario, Vicki Casciola, Artistic Director for Hotheads Extensions, creates two fishtail braids on each side of the head. Then, the how-to goes on to show you how to create two different styles with them.

The first, involves crisscrossing the two braids and forming them into a headband on top of the head. For a more whimsical look, you can choose to deconstruct the two braids to make them appear thicker. Casciola then shows you how you can connect the two fishtails by sewing them together so that it looks like a single braid. 


  1. Milkmaid Braid (steps 1-8): Apply Hotheads Extensions. After extension application, curl the hair using a styling wand. Spray hair with Martino Cartier’s Shut Up and Kiss Me texture spray.
  2. Take a triangle section on the side of the head and create 2 subsections behind the ear.
  3. Gather new hair from the sides and place the hair into the center of the braid. Keep the center secured with the opposite hand. Grab new hair from the opposite side and place in the center of the braid.
  4. Continue working down the head.
  5. Once the braid gets to the nape of the head, finish with a fishtail braid. Secure with a hair tie. Continue on the opposite side.
  6. Take both braids, and criss cross.
  7. Continue to wrap the braid around the head behind the ears.
  8. Secure braid over the head with 2 bobby pins. Milkmaid Braid is complete.
  9. CONTINUE (steps 9 and 10) for Double Fishtail Braid. Remove bobby pins. Gently pinch the braid to loosen the hair.
  10. Create a single custom braid by taking a hair needle and thread and sew the two fishtail braids together.

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