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How-To: Technicolor Takeover

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 10, 2015 | 10:53 AM
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Like a black and white movie suddenly infiltrated with color, the contrast of this look makes for a dazzling effect! Jaymz Marsters (@jaymz.marsters), specialist in vibrant fashion shades at Just Cuts in Norfolk, England, crafted this color he calls "Rainbow of Chaos."

Beginning with a level 10 blonde, Marsters brought the hair to a soft dove gray, then created a vivid, yet balanced rainbow of color on half of the head. Here he shares his formulas and steps to create the look, adding the disclaimer that formulas, developers and processing times may vary depending on the client. 


Formula 1: Igora vario blonde + 20vol + Olaplex no1

Formula 2: Affinage Infiniti 9.2 + Affinage converter

Formula 3: Igora Royal 9-5.22 + 8-11 + 0-11 + e-1 + blondeme 7vol + Olaplex no1

Formula 4: Igora Silverwhites Slate Grey + Dove Grey + blondeme 7vol + Olaplex no1

Formula 5: Igora Silverwhites Grey Lilac + Silver + Blondeme 7vol + Olaplex no1

Formula 6: (direct dyes + Olaplex no2) Affinage Colour Dynamics - Crimson Kiss, Mango Smoothie + Orange Crush, Hot Pink, Pure Purple, Moody Blue + Blue Violet, Crazy Color - Pine Green + Emerald Green + Lime Twist, Joico intensity -Yellow

Formula 7: Igora silverwhites Dove grey + Grey Lilac + blondeme 7vol


Step 1. Apply Formula 1 onto regrowth area and old existing permanent fashion shade. Process for 35 minutes until level 9/10.

Rinse and apply Formula 2 for 5 minutes.

Rinse, shampoo and apply Formula 3 on towel dried hair for 15 minutes

Rinse, condition and dry.


Step 2. Section hair into two directly down the center.

Apply Formula 4 onto root area + 2 inches.

Apply Formula 5 onto midlengths and ends, blending the two colors by hand.


Step 3. Section the other side into 7 arch sections, following the pattern of the hair line from front hair line to nape (like a rainbow!)

Color each section as desired and segregate using foil/meche. The order for this was red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, pink.

Develop for 15 minutes under heat.


Step 4. Rinse in cold water until water runs clear, being careful not to bleed the colors.

Apply Formula 7 onto the grey side for 5 mins.

Rinse and lightly shampoo the grey. Condition. Dry and finish.

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