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Jamie Newman | November 12, 2015 | 1:00 PM
'70s curls hairstyle from the front
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'70s curls from the back
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An updo with sleek sides from the front
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Updo with sleek sides in back
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A short haircut that Baker cut live onstage
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A short haircut Baker cut before the event
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Fletcher styled this model's hair inspired by his summer spent in Ibiza. Style from front
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Ibiza-inspired look from behind
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The Event: Unite Exposed made a stop in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood on Nov. 2, 2015, to teach industry pros the latest trends in cutting and styling with members of the Unite Creative Team. Andrew Dale, CEO and founder of Unite, kicked off the evening by welcoming an audience of 120 to the chic, converted-warehouse-style venue.

The Learning: Creative Director Gary Baker demonstrated different curly and short-hair cutting techniques on stage alongside Senior Artistic Director David Fletcher, who focused on styling and product knowledge with an array of looks from wearable to avant garde. The dynamic between the educators and hilarious back-and-forth banter made it an enjoyable educational experience for attendees.

Onstage Artistry: Baker performed two live cuts on stage and had cut three other models prior to the show. He showcased various cuts for shorter hair lengths as he worked from five reference points. During the demos, he also shared advice for consultations, such as asking clients what sort of looks are within their comfort zones before starting a service.

Fletcher styled four models with looks that hit various points on the style spectrum: a braided, sleek bun; a twisted avant-garde look inspired by his vacationing in Ibiza; big, disco-glam curls; and an updo with sleek sides and a pompadour in front. Although the looks erred on the side of editorial, Fletcher explained how to work tacitly with products and apply the techniques he was showing to everyday looks, urging stylists to try out different trends and textures and play around with them.

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