Maggie Mulhern | November 18, 2015 | 11:55 AM

Yesenia Cobos (@yjc_cosmo) of the Glamour Beauty Salon, West Covina, California shares the details for this impressive color correction we found on her Instagram page. "This client had over processed hair and I didn't want to cover all her blonde," she says. Here she shares the details for this correction:

STEP 1: First create a canvas. From mids to ends apply Pravana 4.3 "to give me enough space to blend and recreate a correct balayage ombre." Process according to manufacturers instructions. Dry the hair.

STEP 2: Balayage using bleach with 40 volume developer and Olaplex. Switch to 10 volume towards the ends "to keep her hair as healthy as possible without overstressing her ends. Melt in this manner throughout. Process to desired lift and then shampoo and condition the hair.

STEP 3: Tone the top with Pravana 7. 22 Pavana and the bottom with the 7.22 and a dash of 8.1 and 8.22 mixed together ("8.1 helps cancel brassy tones and 8.22 leaves a nice beige tone.")



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