COLOR CHANGE: Platinum To Progressive Pink

Maggie Mulhern | November 18, 2015 | 2:29 PM
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"This client is a mutual friend of a photographer that I know," says Jay Olson (@jaywesleyolson) salon owner out of Phoenix, Arizona and member of the butterfly circus. "We briefly talked about different ideas weeks before her appointment.  She actually came in on a day that I was working on another project when the photographer was there. It evolved quickly as to what I wanted to do. She just was up for whatever so I ran with it. She had no idea what she was getting, but knew it was progressive!"

Here Olson shares the HOW TO using all Schwarzkopf color:

STEP 1: Apply a base of P6-89, with a drop of 6-99 Igora Royal and 20 volume developer.

STEP 2: To the ends apply P9.5-89 with a drop of 8-29 metallics and 10 volume developer.

STEP 3: Process for 20 minutes.

"This look was accomplished by using a global diffusion technique achieved in each 1/4 inch section raking fingers down, along with creating finer lines with edge of color brush, leaving a blurred shadow contrast throughout."



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