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Itely Hairfashion's Newly-Formed Team Itely Prepares New Distributor Support Programs

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 20, 2015 | 11:30 AM
Team Itely National Members (left to right) Daniel Ruidant, Lia Elizabeth Hall, Nick Trombetta, Daniel Keane, Taylor Jameson, Andy Lazzari, James Sangermano, Mark Carr, Gary Tenore, Stephe Sturman

Itely Hairfashion North America recently held a conference at its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh for its newly-formed Team Itely national members to create, update and implement a host of new distributor support programs.


Along with welcoming back a few experienced and familiar faces to the team, the team also added two salon owner, Taylor Jameson and Lia Elizabeth Hall.


Over the course of two days, the group worked on presenting new techniques, hands-on classes and trade show formats, while tying them in with the company's 2016 promotional schedule. The team left Pittsburgh reenergized, focused and ready to get back out on the road visiting and supporting the distributor network.


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