NICE! Violet Ice

Maggie Mulhern | November 30, 2015 | 7:18 AM

Marije Stoelhorst (@Marije_SalonB), an artist at Salon B in Almere (Netherlands) says she is a "Proud member of the Unicorntribe! My biggest passion (next to my two daughters) is color, especially the grey, silver and cool blonde tones."

Stoelhorst demonstrated that passion with this photo we found on Instagram. We had to know more. Here Stoelhorst shares the details:

"The girl in the picture already had a very light base because we gave her a platinum blonde earlier. It was a great base to start with and I only had to bleach a few light brassy parts on her ends."

STEP 1: Apply Wella Blondor with 6 volume and Olaplex to the brassy pieces on the ends.

STEP 2: Process for 30 minutes, with heat, and then rinse. Dry the hair completely.

STEP 3: Tone with Wella Color Touch 30cc 8/81 with 2 cc 2/0 and 5cc -68 mixtone with 10 volume (1:2) and Olaplex ("to get the icey violet shade.")

STEP 4: Process for 20 minutes with heat. Rinse and apply Olaplex #2 for 15 minutes.

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