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Modern Reports: Pivot Point Creative Jam Chicago

Lauren Quick | December 3, 2015 | 2:40 PM
Australian stylist Sharon Blain demonstrates proper long-hair styling prep.
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A finished upstyle from Sharon Blain’s long hairdressing presentation.
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Pivot Point educator Jason Russell works on an avant garde style on Monday.
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Attendees participated in watch-and-learn demos, hands-on workshops and small group discussions.
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Pivot Point International Global Artistic Director Yolly Ten Koppel and Pivot Point International Director of Field Education Paul Suttles guided educators through the two days of learning, styling and discussion.
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The Leo Passage Endowment Fund allowed stylists from around the country to attend the event.
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THE EVENT: Pivot Point International's Creative Jam Chicago, Nov. 15-16, 2015, at Prairie Production Studios.

THE DETAILS: Fifty beauty educators from far and wide attended to learn about how to expand creativity, teach effectively and engage peers and students. The event brought in stylists from Ecuador, Argentina and Korea, as well as California, Florida, Washington and more.

THE EDUCATION: Informational sessions were interspersed with hands-on learning to give educators one of many ways to keep students engaged. The Sunday experiences kicked off with renowned Australian stylist Sharon Blain teaching a long-hair workshop with a strong focus on Blain’s belief in preparation and foundation in long-hair styling. Blain was on hand all Monday, including for hands-on sessions and an avant garde hair presentation. The day finished with a networking cocktail reception and runway presentation.

Creative Jam facilitators Yolly ten Koppel, global artistic director for Pivot Point International, and Paul Suttles, director of field education for Pivot Point International, ushered attendees through workshops and hands-on demos as well as engaged them with Q&A segments. Day two took a more virtual approach to learning—technology, social media and Pivot Point’s LAB (Learn About Beauty) online platform were all hot topics. Educators learned about creating and implementing concepts on mood boards.

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: The Leo Passage Endowment Fund sponsored attendees from Bellus Academy, Ogle School, Virginia College and Phagans Cosmetology Colleges.

THE LAST WORD: Suttles, talking to educators about the ever-evolving world of technology in schools and classes: “A computer will not replace you, but an educator who uses a computer will.”


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