Shades Of Blonde...The Journey To Silver

Maggie Mulhern | December 18, 2015 | 8:16 AM
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Sandy Beach Blonde
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Rose Pearl Blonde
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Silver Fox Blonde
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Salem (@salemscissorhands), a freelance hair artist from Sacramento, CA (but relocating to Los Angeles, CA next month), posted this 3 panel photo of the same client with three different shades leading up to their mutual goal of silver blonde.

Here Salem shares the formulas for this journey:

Panel "A" (sandy beach blonde): Balayage the ends with Redken Flashlift + 20 volume. Paint the root with Kenra 5n + 20 volume. Process for 30 minutes and rinse. Tone with Kenra 5 Rapid Toner, 9P.

Panel "B" (rose pearl blonde): To the darkest areas apply Redken Flashlift + 30 volume. Process for 35 minutes. (Her hair had been lifted with an at home lightening system resulting in bleeds and a band of darker orange where she had colored her hair prior to the at home lightener.) Rinse and apply Kenra Highlift 10B. Rinse and finish with the Kenra Rapid Toner in SV.

Panel "C" (silver fox blonde): Apply Wella Blondor lightener + 30 volume and process for 35 minutes. Rinse then tone with Kenra 7SM with 20 volume for another 30 minutes.

"These results vary," adds Salem. "This client came to me once every couple months and followed my hair care plan until she achieved her silver hair dream!"


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