Happy And Merry: Celebrating Red And Green

Maggie Mulhern | December 21, 2015 | 7:05 AM


To celebrate the season of RED and GREEN, we share two of our favorite transformations for you to feast on today. MERRY AND HAPPY:





"My client Megan had been blonde for years," says Christina Rotundo ( of Natural Solutions, St. Catharines, Ontario Canada. "Over the past month or so we have been putting lavender on her hair until she recently decided to go bright red!"

Here Rotundo shares the HOW TO:

STEP 1: Fill the hair with L'Oreal Dia Richesse 7.40 with 6 volume and 1/8 Olaplex. Process for 20 minutes.

STEP 2: Shampoo and apply Olaplex number 2 for 5 minutes. Shampoo and dry the hair.

STEP 3: Apply Red Majicontrast with a quarter 6.60 mixed with 20 volume and 1/8 Olaplex. Process for 30 minutes.

STEP 4: Rinse and apply Olaplex number 2. Process for 15 minutes and shampoo.



"Alli wanted to do something fun with her hair for some time, but waited until after she got married," says Alexis Thurston (@alexisbutterflyloft) from Butterfly Loft salon (@butterflyloftsalon), Encino, California. Here she shares the how to for this "Sea Glass Mermaid" finish:

STEP 1:  On pre-lightened level 8 and 9 hair, section hair into 4 sections.  Balayage the back 2 sections up to 1 inch away from root with Schwarzkopf Blondme lightener, 20 volume and Olaplex taking ½” diagonal back slices.  Then balayage the front 2 sections up to 1 inch away from root with Blondeme lightener, 30 volume and Olaplex taking ½” diagonal back slices in the front.  Process with plastic wrap for a full 30 minutes.

STEP 2:  Shampoo hair, towel dry and tone with mixture of 30 grams Wella Illumina 10/69, 30 grams 6 volume developer, 20 grams Olaplex Part 2, 3 grams Wella Koleston /11 ash special mix. Pull through the hair and process at shampoo bowl for 5-10 minutes.  Shampoo, condition and dry hair 100%.

STEP 3:  Mix 3 colors:

A: 30 grams Illumina 6/16, 30 grams Illumina 7/81, 2 grams Wella Koleston /11 ash special mix, 2 grams Wella Koleston /28 matte pearl special mix, 64 grams 6 volume developer.

B: 40 grams Pravana Pastel Mint with 5 drops Alfaparf Revolution Blue

C: 40 grams Pravana Pastel Mint with 4 drops Alfaparf Revolution Green and 1 drop Alfaparf Revolution Blue

STEP 4:  Section hair into 8 equal sections at crown.  (Think beach ball.) Apply mixture A to all root area and feather out about 2-2.5”.  While root area is processing, apply mixture B and mixture C colors to the mid area in the following pattern…apply mixture B to the front section, and then alternate each section between mixture C and mixture B.  When applying, smudge mid area color into root mixture A and leave last 2 inches of the ends out. Process a full 20 minutes after last section is complete.

STEP 5:  Add conditioner to left over mixture B and C and pull through ends of the same color sections quickly at the shampoo bowl before washing the hair.  Shampoo, condition and towel dry hair.

STEP 6:  On towel dried hair, apply Sebastian Clear Cellophane to all of hair, clip up and put client under a warm dryer for 10 minutes (no cap).  Take clip out and let hair cool completely (about 10 minutes) then rinse well, condition and dry the hair.




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