Locs take a long time to grow, so why cut them off?

Victoria Wurdinger | July 7, 2016 | 9:35 AM
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A protective style gives the client a new look and enhances the natural hair’s health.

Darya Johnson, whose My Salon Suite in Atlanta, Georgia, is named Darya's Naturals Hair Salon, has been doing hair for 25 years, but renting at My Salon Suite for just a few months. The natural hair specialist also rents space in Chicago and is a Pivot-Point trained cosmetology instructor.

“Protective styles such as the crochet, as well as short and long Bobs, are trending in Atlanta and throughout the United States,” says Johnson.

For this look, her client did not want to cut her locs, but wanted a protective style—one that protects the natural hair from external factors that cause damage and breakage. While there are many methods naturalists and others use to create protective styles, Johnson suggested the crochet. First, she braided down the locs, then she added a net and crocheted the faux hair on top of the net.

Johnson offers natural hair workshops at her Chicago location. For information, visit her website. (

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