TRANSFORMATION: Faded Fun To Purple/Blue Melt

Maggie Mulhern | January 16, 2016 | 9:33 AM

Amber Mahaffey (@tatted_blondeee) of Amber's Chair, Myrtle Beach, SC, specializes in color correcting, high lift platinums and bright hair. We found a beauty in this faded fun to purple/blue transformation!

Here she shares the details for this lovely makeover we found on her Instagram feed:

Since the hair was already bleached, it was just a vivid correction using 3 violet formulas:

STEP 1: Drag only Pravana straight violet about 1/2 inch off root.

STEP 2: Mix 1 oz clear with 1/2 ounce violet. Melt together.

STEP 3: Mix 2 oz clear 2 inch ribbon violet to pull over greenish spots to get the blue.


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