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Why Clients Don’t Like You

Carlos Valenzuela | January 18, 2016 | 3:58 PM

Ever dealt with someone who, even though going through the paces, you got the distinct feeling they really didn’t like you? I have. This is not someone I would come back to, would you? A client needs to like you or at least approve of you. A client might say, “Oh, she’s crazy and I don’t agree with everything, but I like her.” That’s it. Making that subliminal connection with the client is your goal.

What subliminal connection is that, you ask? You know what politically correct means, right? The use of language, actions and manners intended not to offend any particular group of people in society. Making the subliminal connection hinges on what I will call emotional correctness—or eliminating that secret, albeit silent, objection to what the client represents to you. That disapproval, not of her demands, thriftiness or tardiness, but of who she is as a person oozes out and affects your thinking, options and effort and the client picks up on it. You won’t get anyone to agree with you if they don’t trust or like you. Bingo

Does this mean you have to be so sweet that you become a rug everyone steps on? Nope. It means you need to be an optimist. You need to see the beauty in the client who doesn’t see it in herself. “You are beautiful, if you don’t believe me today, I will convince you tomorrow.” You see the infinite possibilities for your client to realize her/his beauty. You bring hope, not as wishful thinking, but with scissors, combs, and brushes. This is the type of person a client returns to and will allow to cut all her hair off.

You become more likable by listening—no need to agree or go along with others--just honor their humanity, like you ask yours to be honored. It’s ok if you cannot come up to this level always, just do your best and keep trying because customer service, like learning to cut, is a learned skill.

Bring your optimistic A game to the salon, always





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