Lifestyle Haircuts: Personalized, On-Trend Styles for Every Client

Alison Alhamed | January 25, 2016 | 10:05 AM
“How do we create a ‘lifestyle haircut?’ We need to be honest with our guest about what is achievable, accountable for our decisions as the professional, inspire our guests to try new trends and respectful to our guests’ limitations. When we achieve all of these, we create guests for life!” —Jamie Suarez
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“We lead busy lives with a range of daily activity,” Suarez says. “The days of single-option hairstyles is gone. Guests need stylists to create a look that represents their personal style while giving the option to step outside of their everyday life and become someone else. Trend today is about personalized style, not duplicating a popular haircut on several guests.”
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“Part of a good consultation is to spend time understanding our guests’ lifestyle, what is important to them and how much time they want to spend with styling. Most people want the option of trend, but not be tied to it by a haircut that limits them to a single style option.” —Jamie Suarez
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As the creative director for Regis Corporation, Jamie Suarez sets the educational tone for more than 6,000 Regis salons. The teams he leads are responsible for educating stylists in the latest haircutting, coloring, styling techniques and trends in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The goal with this collection was to show his teams how the right cut can give the foundation needed for a range of styling options. “I like to refer to these as ‘lifestyle haircuts,’” Suarez says. “Being a stylist is similar to being an artist in the way we interpret each guest’s needs. Guests want personalized fashion that works within their lifestyle while at the same time feeling current and on trend.”

Hair: Jamie Suarez for Regis
Photography: Hamish Campbell
Makeup: Mary Guthrie

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