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New KEVIN.MURPHY Singapore Academy

Anne Moratto | January 26, 2016 | 11:00 AM
Inside the Kevin.Murphy Academy in Singapore.

Hair care brand KEVIN.MURPHY announces the opening of Singapore-based ACADEMY, a specialized training center for professionals in the region designed to generate global brand growth and expansion. Located in the fashion and technology hub of Singapore, the ACADEMY will act as the brand’s global head office for operations outside of North America, and will provide a collaborative training space for stylists and education executives. The ACADEMY opens March 2016 and will showcase products, along with new retail and merchandising designs for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa markets.

“The Asia Pacific market responded positively to the brand immediately,” KEVIN.MURPHY stylist and founder Kevin Murphy says. “There’s a natural fit between the brand and Singapore. The country is fashion-forward, tech-savvy and an economic capital, plus it’s a transportation center, making the area a great jumping off point for the region. We are excited to continue to grow with the ACADEMY and to be able to use this space to provide education and training to stylists to perfect their craft and learn how to make to most of KEVIN.MURPHY products.



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