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Attitudes Vary About Valentine’s Day

Rosanne Ullman | February 1, 2017 | 7:34 PM
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A survey conducted by Healthline shows that, although people are all over the place when it comes to Valentine’s Day, a slight majority of 54% agreed with the statement: “I love it. It’s a fun way to celebrate the loved ones in your life.” Another 21% indicated that “it’s just another day for me,” while roughly 18% said, “I don’t care for it. It’s too commercial.” Only 7% agreed that Valentine’s Day “makes me sad and lonely.”

At 62% vs. 34%, people who were married or in a relationship were more likely than single people to love February 14. However, married people also were the most likely group to say they “don’t care” about the holiday, with 20% of marrieds responding that way. But, whereas 19% of singles were in the “sad and lonely” camp, only 2% of marrieds said the holiday made them feel that way.

When asked to check as many categories as applied, 60% of respondents indicated that family members received their expressions of love, 44% expressed love to a partner, 18% to a best friend, 14% to their pets and 11% to social media friends. More men than women—30% vs. 24%—said they would be sad to be alone on Valentine’s Day.




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