Reinvigorating Washed-Out Color

Maggie Mulhern | February 10, 2016 | 7:06 AM
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Artemis Koullias (@Hairby_Sia), an artist at New Dawn Salon in Hubbard, OH, worked on her cousin recently, who had thick hair down to her hip bones. "Her hair was faded and her previous balayage was grown-out. We definitely needed to add life back to her beautiful head of hair, so we said why not go lighter? After 5.5 hours we achieved a beautiful color."

Here, Koullias shares the how to:

Formula A: Wella Blondor 20 vol (back section)

Formula B: Wella Blondor 40 vol (front sections)

Formula C: Wella Illumina 10/69

Step 1: Section into quadrants. Starting in the back bottom, take very thin horizontal pieces and tease. Apply formula A to what is left out of the teased area, feathering up. Place the section in foil. Continue up through the back.

Step 2: Take very thin horizontal sections in the front two sections, tease and apply formula B to the hair outside the teased area. Feather up and place in foil.  

Step 3: Process for 45 minutes. Rinse using Sebastian Drench Shampoo.

Step 4: Tone with formula C. Process for 15 minutes. Rinse using Sebastian Drench Shampoo & conditioner.

Step 5: Style using Wella Speak EIMI products.

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