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How to Sell to a Hairdresser

Carlos Valenzuela | February 14, 2016 | 4:32 PM

So much information – so little time.

Do you at times feel so overwhelmed that you just pass on all of it? I do. Maybe well-meaning providers of information misunderstand the hairdresser mindset. Why? If you want to catch and hold the attention of a busy salon professional, first, be original and second, be quick. This means that more of the same, complex instructions, six volume video series and lengthy write-ups do not make the cut. Here’s more: insistence using traditional sales techniques makes us simply avoid you,

I assume your ideal buyer is a busy professional, if so, before your next product launch, why not observe a busy hairdresser’s day when our goal is multiple satisfied clients in record time? We typically see ten people a day and, in addition to maintaining a smile, we move fast, eliminate unnecessary actions, and stay focused with no food or potty breaks. My point is this: we are very much a get to the point market. So, be original and be quick.

Now here’s what irks me: poor results due to inadequate approach to the market lead to labeling salon professionals as dumb or not getting it. Allow me to suggest that the reverse of this is reality. It is totally the provider who needs to up their strategy game.

Whatever is on our wish list, run it past these two pointers and see if you pass the test:

One: Is it new or more of the same – just a different flavor? The attention bar is high with so much “stuff” out there. Your product must sell seamlessly.   

Two: Is it reasonably simple to incorporate or are you further complicating our workday?

Do you have a winner?   


Carlos Valenzuela has forty plus years experience as a hairdresser, international educator, salon and beauty school owner and is a frequent presenter at major beauty events. [email protected]

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